August 21st, 2005


keeping up with the joneses, and slugging them in the face

For the first time since I graduated high school, I am the owner of a desktop computer.

3.0 GHz CPU (AMD K8)
512 MB RAM, the non-exciting, non-DDR kind
Generic 16X PCI-E 3D card, GeForce 6600 chipset, with 256 MB video memory
160 GB hard drive
300W power supply (nice and quiet)
Snazzy little black case

Not top top top of the line, but more than adequate to play any games that come out between now and six months from now. Price: $18500NT, or $575.42 US by the current exchange rate. My father is a good haggler.

It's missing a keyboard, a mouse, a CD drive, and a monitor, but that's okay because I have most of those, and what I don't have I can easily obtain in Elyria. (No point in lugging a heavy monitor all the way across the Pacific.) I'll also have to install an English copy of Windows XP from a bootleg.

Speaking of which, I'm a little worried about how I'm going to get it to the States. The current plan is that I put it in a box and bring it as a carry-on. At 402x182x524mm, the box is 43 linear inches, just below the U.S. Department of Transportation recommended dimensions for carry-on baggage. There's not going to be much leg room, though, and I'll have to pack my laptop into my suitcase or leave it in Taiwan for my mother to use. 16-26 hour flights are never pleasant, especially if you're flying economy, and with no wiggle room it'll be a squeeze. I'll manage, though. I've done worse.
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