July 23rd, 2005


flip out like a ninja

I'm Going to Flip Out Like a Ninja. A reggae-ska song about kittens. Kittens who are also ninjas. It has dancing clipart people. It has a half-minute-long trumpet solo. It has cameos from many of the Veitch's other funny-mediocre creations. It is gloriously crap, and you must watch it. You have no excuse.

And yes, this is the guy who did the monkeys in the Quizno's commercial. I like him better now that he's sold out.

...and the obligatorily serious follow-up

Blogpost from a survivor of the London terrorist attack. He's inviting people to take the Underground to a local pub and have a pint with him. The purpose? To snub the American news journalists who are putting up headlines like LONDON PARALYZED WITH FEAR.

Also, the sardonic response to We're Not Afraid:

I Am Fucking Terrified.

Oh, London.

Also also: Hilarious R. Kelly five-part soap opera. (Video section.) I'm not a fan of R. Kelly, but the acting and lip-syncing in this video are spot on.