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Jul. 17th, 2005 @ 04:29 pm one night in taiiiiiiipei, wo liu shia hao duo chiiiiiiing
Current Music: SHIN - One Night in Beijing
Friday night/Saturday morning I went clubbing in Taipei with Waz, Fishy, Picker, Cat, former Eagle co-worker James, James's cousin, and James's cousin's friend. I'm not much of a clubbing person, but most of them aren't, either (this was Cat's first time, I believe), and it was good to hang out with them again. We did this around the same time last summer, and we've been joking about making it an annual tradition.

"So how often do you go clubbing?" "Oh, not often...once a year, tops." "Once a year?" "Yup."

Yeah, Friday night was definitely a year's worth of clubbing.

I reiterate that I am really not a clubbing person. I like concerts and I'm increasingly okay with dancing, but I don't think I understand the point of clubbing. I can sort of get into the music when it isn't so loud that I bleed out of my ears, and I can move to it okay, but after a while I get bored and my attention wanders to faces and lasers and ceiling tiles. You know you're a geek when ten gazillion people, a third of them attractive women, are bumping and grinding all around you to thumping hip-hop music and all you can think about is how much the spinning multicolored light fixtures remind you of DLSim.


  • Talking loudly on the MRT, in English, about how annoying it is when foreigners talk loudly on the MRT in English.
  • Cramming seven people into two tiny hotel rooms.
  • Watching hilariously awful porn with James in one of said hotel rooms. You know your hotel is sketchy when two of the eight channels on the TV are porn, and they're both free.
  • Fishy photocopying her passport for use as ID. (Her Ursinus ID doesn't have her birthday on it, and they wouldn't let her in because she looks about fifteen.)
  • Some guy in the techno room raving with a dozen glowsticks entangled in a web of rubber bands.
  • Restoring my faith in the ability of the Taiwanese people to propagate itself. Yes, Eric, there are beautiful Taiwanese women, and there are a lot of them.
  • The small group of Indian high school girls pwning the dance floor.
  • Wazi commenting on the...er...nondescriptness of the big...round...what the hell is that thing?
  • Fishy asking two blond men, dressed in neatly ironed white shirts and black trousers and not dancing, whether they were Mormons. (They said no.)
  • Picker getting absolutely smashed and dancing like Shakira.
  • Almost spoiling the newest Harry Potter book for Cat the moment she bought it.
  • Admiring the halflings. There's something about the union of European and Asian gene pools that tends to create aesthetically and sexually attractive people. Watching them dance, even poorly, is like watching sculpture in motion.
  • Falling over laughing when the DJ mixed in Eminem's "Without Me," because, well, lololol r u 4 sexes chat.

    I've accepted that my friends are grown women and can take care of themselves without the aid of a male chaperone, so no throwing large men into tables this year. Sorry to disappoint.

    It's awesome although we've all grown apart, we still keep each other close enough that we can meet up with each other once or twice a year without it being really awkward.
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