July 4th, 2005


i love big books and cannot deny

Baby Got Book by White Boy DJ

I was prepared to hate this, especially after the first thirty or so seconds, but then I discovered it was actually awesome. Yes, it sucks. It sucks genitalia male and female and everything in between. But does that stop it from being awesome? No.

Bible boy here is not cool with me. Dogg, hatin' on the NIV paperback is all right, but play up that mistranslated King James shit and you get burned. NRSV 4 LIFE, MUTHAFUCKAZ.

damning with feint praise

Five-star Amazon.com review of MC Hammer's comeback album "Active Duty":

My jaw dropped when I learned that McHammer, the world's greatest Irish rapper, had returned with an album of awe-inspiring pro-American rap just in our hour of need. I knew our friends on the other side of the Atlantic wouldn't let us down, but a show of support as strong as this record by McHammer is more than I could have imagined. I really think that with this new offering McHammer may have dethroned Milli Vanilli, that piece of Italian pop perfection, as my all-time favorite artist!

I'm not a particularly big fan of MC Hammer, but ouch. Steve, if you still read this journal, I can feel you hurting from the other side of the planet.

On that note, I really should go to sleep and stop posting ten bajillion useless entries. I am working on more interesting, less bloggy stuff, I swear! Hopefully you will get to see it soon.