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Jul. 2nd, 2005 @ 03:43 am hallowed be thy game
Current Mood: impressed
Hallowed Be Thy Game: Where Gaming and Religion Collide

A thorough, well-informed, and more than slightly pretentious look at religion in video games.

And who is better at thorough, well-informed, pretentious video game journalism than ultra-talented snob-of-all-trades Jeremy Parish, better known to some as ToastyFrog?

No one, I tell you. No one.

Lisa, as bad as I feel about continually ribbing you about that KOTOR philosophy paper, I'm afraid you have been completely outclassed.
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Jul. 2nd, 2005 @ 05:04 am toastyfrog thinks xenosaga sucks
Current Mood: pretentious
Er. I know I linked this Xenosaga review just a few minutes ago, but not giving it its own entry would not do it justice. It is not so much a review of a single game as it is a swirling gigaton-dense neutron star of seething, unadulterated rage.

See, Jeremy Parish does not hate Xenosaga. He does not loathe Xenosaga. He regards Xenosaga with such abhorrence that no verb in the English language can adequately describe how negatively he feels about it. He rips into Xenosaga with such incredible journalistic fury that he not only takes down the game, its developers, and its design philosophy but the entire three-fifths of human civilization responsible for allowing the existence of such an ungodly abomination of the gaming medium. Over a decade of outrage over realizing that the gamer-geek subculture of his youth is grounded in a frothing mess of misguided pretentiousness and mindless fanboyism in which games that are utter shit are celebrated as classics because they possess the superficial trappings of greater art, ejaculates across the page in an unending torrent of anger and shame. This is a polemic not against a game, but against a generation of sniveling RPG geeks who spent their adolescent years stroking their imaginary intellects by writing high school English papers about the-not-so-subtle Biblical references in Xenogears or flooding their favorite Cloud/Sephiroth furry slash artist's Paypal accounts with their parents' credit card money or performing the Final Fantasy III Aria de Mezzo Caraterre at their senior recitals. It is an attack against the entire legitimization effort, the years-old movement to promote acceptance for video games as a true artistic medium instead of a mere form of entertainment. It is an assault against oldschool gamers and newschool gamers, against those who spent their childhoods playing Zelda and Excitebike and Dig Dug and those who buy T-shirts that say they did, against fanfiction and fanart and fananything, against forums and the Internet and teenagers too smart for school searching for an identity in a world they falsely believe has no place for them. It is, in short, it's a polemic against who he used to be.

But hey, at least he thinks the battle system is pretty okay.

ToastyFrog, I tip my hat to you. You may very well have become the first Internet-era gamer to graduate from the Internet.
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