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May. 28th, 2005 @ 03:38 am what does your city smell like
Oberlin: The warm musk of animal scent and tree sap. Earthy odors from dirt and cobblestones. The sickly-sweet odor of wet paint. Thick syrup when the flowers are in bloom. Almost imperceptibly, human pheromones.

San Francisco: The bitterness of car exhaust, with a very subtle hint of sugary-sweet. Some naan, burrito, seaweed and curry smells around areas with high restaurant density, and popcorn and candy and sourdough clam chowder by Fisherman's Wharf. Sea salt, rotting fish, cardboard. Strong soy sauce and MSG flavors by Chinatown. A surprising amount of fresh cool air.

Cleveland: Nothing but concrete and smoke. Maybe I just haven't been there enough to notice anything subtle, or maybe it's just really, really boring.

New York (Manhattan): Sticky, like a soccer field after a thunderstorm. Faint aromas of hot dogs and peanuts, with strong overtones of peeling paint. A heavy fog of car exhaust.

Edison, New Jersey: A subtle but intoxicating aroma of fresh-cut grass, dandelions, and maple syrup. Pinecones.

Hsinchu: Steaming oolong tea. (Not actually caused by tea, but if you mix together the clouds of car exhaust, the swirling miasma of polluted air, the aromas of ramen and dumpling and bubble tea shops, the sticky musk of dripping air conditioners, the leafy vegetable smell of the trees, and the metallic odor of corrugated steel, and the bitter buzz of florescent lighting, the end result is strikingly tea-ish.)
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May. 28th, 2005 @ 09:30 pm rockin' the east gate
Awesome thing about Hsinchu #248: Stodgy, forty-year-old Asian music teachers in flannel t-shirts performing Metallica. Competently. And with attitude.

Few things in street music are more moving than watching a balding drum teacher's last lock of hair fly about his head like a rodeo caterpillar as he murders his drum kit.

Man, the East Gate musicians play better every time I come here.
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May. 28th, 2005 @ 09:38 pm tally ho (i am running out of friends)
Number of friends at Oberlin who are

Currently taking medication for severe depression: 7
On medical leave next semester due to depression: 2.5

On academic probation (including myself): 5
On academic suspension: 3

Studying abroad next year: 2

Man, life is hard.
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