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May. 16th, 2005 @ 01:47 am YES
Current Mood: testosterone withdrawal
Current Music: Unorganized Crime - Same Page, Different Book
"Dr. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Band" is a googlewhack. I WIN.

Grrr...papers...must work on papers.

( download the song I am listening to, it is good )
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May. 16th, 2005 @ 03:26 pm on the end of the confessions thread
The Great Catharsis has maxed out at 5000 comments, and is finally over (in its first incarnation, anyway). First time I've ever seen a post hit the comment limit, but I can't say I'm all that surprised. Oberlin has a lot to get off its collective chest.

I still think the thread is a wonderful thing--Oberlin is a much happier place--but there seem to be a lot of hurt feelings over some of the nastier things people have said. Apparently someone posted a vicious attack on one of my friends, criticizing everything about her from the way she looks to the kind of anime she likes to watch. She's really, really upset because she has few friends and has no idea who could possibly know so much about her but hate her so much. The commenter despises the very fact of my friend's existence, and if my friend has done anything to merit such treatment, she doesn't know what it is. It's alarming how judgmental people can be about people they know so little. I mean, fuck.

Near the end of the thread Anna posted this comment non-anonymously. Gave me a lot to think about. I suppose I have a similar problem in that I refuse to feel good about myself for doing good things because I am afraid the pleasure I get out of doing them will become my primary motivation to do more. I believe that good should be done for the sake of doing good, and feeling good about doing good dilutes the goodness. Let not the right hand know what the left is doing and all that jazz. The karma I accumulate keeps me from thinking I'm a terrible person, but there are times when I really do forget everything I've done for people, and I start to think of myself as a self-important, pompous, narcissistic waste of space, writing endless livejournal entries about myself when I should be doing things for other people. And then people start coming to me for help, and I get 20% more spam from charities than most Obies, and then I realize that I must be doing something right. I don't remember what it is, but apparently I keep doing it.

On the subject of pomposity, the only comment where I am mentioned accuses me of not being able to realize that, in two-thirds of all the arguments I participate in, I know nothing about the topic being discussed. Since it's too late for me to respond on the thread itself, let me respond here, in case the person who posted that comment is reading this.

cut for length and passive-aggressiveness, and because most of you really don't need to see thisCollapse )

It seems like a lot of people on the thread really admire confidence. Someone mentioned that confidence and arrogance are basically the same thing, and while I don't completely agree, it does explain why the people who get the most romantic attention (not necessarily the most crushes) at Oberlin are the most flamboyantly self-important. Which is not really fair, since even the most confident people have doubts (unless they're not perceptive enough to doubt anything, which is sometimes the case). And sometimes--oftentimes, if most of my friends are any indication--the most wonderful people have absolutely no idea just how wonderful they are. I'm beginning to think humility is a dying virtue.
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May. 16th, 2005 @ 04:44 pm the doctor is arrrrrrgh
Funny how ever since I gave up the psych major last year, people have been visiting my room to talk about their problems. Two in one day today. It's like I've become some kind of unofficial campus psychiatrist. It doesn't bother me that they're doing this--it's kind of touching, actually, that people I kinda sorta know trust me enough to talk about their deepest, darkest secrets, but, well. I'm flattered, but with only four psych classes and twenty years or so of life experience under my belt, I don't really have the wisdom to give them good advice. Especially since these people are all about my age. I hope they remember to take my words with a grain of salt.

What I do mind is that I missed Professor Walsh's last office hours to help said people. It's not their fault; I got carried away with what they were saying and I forgot. So. Um. The important part.

Does anyone want to help me with discrete? I know you're busy and all, but I don't know anyone in my class, and there are some mistakes in my problem sets I really don't know how to fix. The exam is this Wednesday, and no amount of studying will help if I'm doing it all wrong.
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