April 19th, 2005


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I seem to have an odd habit of meeting people through LiveJournal. (Hi Anna, Andrew, and the throngs of people who never comment!)

Last night I came back from an entire day and most of a night of lab to dreams of Canada (of all places). A bizarre, fictionalized, subtropical Canada where palm trees grow everywhere and mosquitoes sting you everywhere you go and the humidity is so high you can feel the air. More like Thailand than Canada, really, or what Thailand would be were it much richer, much more urban, and populated by descendants of Native Americans and French fur traders, It was a one-week trip, I think, and I was going with a large group of people my age, some who I knew, some who I didn't know. I vaguely remember, with mild disinterest, watching Akshat mow down a bunch of strangers with a machinegun, then steal a car and drive away slowly. (When the police came by moments later and asked me what happened, I told them I had no idea, and somehow I wasn't lying.)

I also remember that our group could only afford one hotel room, but it had a really big bed, so all 30 or 40 of us were crowded underneath the covers, and it was strangely comfortable. Nothing sexual about it, but oddly peaceful--like being a newborn bunny snuggled among the rest of the litter, at peace with its kind.

There's something very soothing about building circuits with DLSim. It's busy work, but it's easy busy work, and once you discover and get used to certain repeating patterns you can work in a state of thoughtless Zen. Also, being able to turn out the lights at the end and watch your wires glow is immensely, immensely satisfying. Hook the circuit up to a clock, set them to a two-second cycle, turn out the lights, and you have an experience as agnostically spiritual as watching traffic lights change in New York at 3 AM. Dizzyingly complex, endlessly repeating webs of light and shadow, on and off and on and off. Gorgeous.