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Apr. 12th, 2005 @ 08:47 pm non-hypothetical question
Current Mood: i think too damn much
Current Music: Ted Leo - Since You've Been Gone
You are feeling frustrated and lonely and generally unhappy as you walk home from dinner on a cold weekday evening. In a fit of postmodernism your feet inexplicably guide you to the door of an attractive and compassionate acquaintance of the opposite sex, who you don't know too well but have talked to recently. As you raise your hand to knock, you hear this person inside. The person is talking on the phone. Do you:

a) Knock anyway, hoping the person hears you and is not annoyed by the intrusion.
b) Barge in, wave hello, and take a seat. (Said person is not a doctor, a professor, or the Dean of Studies.) You don't really have any other opportunities to get to know the person, and for all you know the person may be pleasantly surprised by your visit. Though, of course, you are invading the person's personal space.
c) Hang out by the door waiting for the person to finish, hoping passersby won't think you're a stalker. Wait for a long, long, time, then leave.
d) Hang out by the door waiting for the person to finish. Wait until the person emerges, even if it involves camping out by the door for hours, proving to passersby that you are indeed a stalker.
e) Leave politely. The person is obviously busy, and you are being selfish by coming uninvited. Go back to your room and wallow in your misery alone.
f) Find friends of yours who live in the same dorm. Rudely interrupt their work to say hello, then come back later.
g) Shoot yourself for being so obsessive about something that really isn't that big a deal. (You stalker.)
h) Run away screaming with your tail between your legs.
i) All of the above.
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Apr. 12th, 2005 @ 09:03 pm girls are pretty
Current Music: Braces Tower - Eleven Twelve
Girls Are Pretty: A blogful of hilarious short stories told in the second person.

Yes, the second person. They are all about YOU.

Quoth the blogger: "Come to this blog, every single day, and you will be told what to do."

That's a pretty tall order, but the idea of anyone actually going out and doing any of these things amuses me intensely.
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