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Apr. 6th, 2005 @ 12:48 am the grass is ris
Spent this afternoon wandering around campus looking for people to hang out with. Didn't find any (where the hell is everyone?) but the weather and the sunset and the warm glow of streetlights were enough.

The flowers have started to bloom. You can't really see it yet, but you can feel it in your nose like you're breathing thick soup. Normally my sinuses would react violently, but these are Ohio flowers, to whose aroma I am pleasantly immune. Add in the smell of evergreen needles and budding leaves and newborn grass, and you've got a concoction more potent than weed (not that I would know). This is the stuff perfumes are made of.

Add the first hibernation-groggy bunny rabbit, the first pair of squawking Canada geese, the first 3am songbird, and you have spring.
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