March 25th, 2005


lamentations of a lab hermit

I'm pretty sure I'm failing CS280 even though I understand all the material decently well. I'm not the only one.

I'm sorry, but 60-80 hours a week per assignment is not a reasonable time commitment for a college student. Maybe if 280 was my only class, perhaps, but considering that with six hours of sleep a night I only spend 126 hours a week awake (29 of those hours at class or eating meals), yeah, it's definitely not because of time management issues that I am not getting my labs done.

The other students are crying bloody murder against our professor, but a few alums I've talked to in the social lab insist that no, CS280 has been this work-heavy under three different professors. What the fuck? This material doesn't take nearly that much work to learn.

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Dammit, Kyrgyzstan!

You used to be so funny, with your silly horse milk drinking habits and your irreverent disregard for government and your ridiculous capital names (Bishkek is almost as bad as Bangkok). Now you had to stage a coup and go rioting and make yourselves all serious.

I'm going to miss being able to make fun of you.

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VG Mix: What OC Remix would be if the reviewers were all professional music people and the artists actually knew what they were doing. Highly recommended are Reuben Kee's "Legend of the Snake" (a very powerful piano/new age rendition of the themes from all the Metal Gear Solid games), virt's "Rocket Lounger" (orchestral arrangement of music from Metal Slug), DZComposer's "Yet Another Corneria Arrangement" (Broadway big-band Star Fox), and Bladiator's "A Dangerless Road" (Super Mario RPG). I'd also mention po and zyko's "Venom" (Metal Gear Solid), but I know some of you really aren't into rap.

Even if you're not a fan of video game music, you should definitely check out Super Mario's Sleigh Ride by the One-Up Mushrooms. It's "Sleigh Ride" and various Super Mario World songs mixed together. Trippy.