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Mar. 16th, 2005 @ 05:45 pm a call for prayer
I don't usually do this--okay, I don't ever do this, once having been an atheist and all, but what the hell.

As some of you may know, my friend Lisa (dwh, not bl3uang3lz) has tendonitis. This is a permanent condition that is not ever going to go away, and it is especially bad for her because

a) she has a passionate love for the viola and has been playing for many years,
b) she's a computer science major, and
c) her dream is to someday be an animator for Pixar or Dreamworks or the group that did the computer-generated sets for the Lord of the Rings films.

Naturally, the tendonitis gets in the way of all of these things, since tendonitis acts up pretty bad whenever you use your wrists. She has to wear plastic wrist braces whenever she isn't writing or typing (which she isn't supposed to do at all). Programming has become impossible for her. There is no shortage of people helping her type, but even so she's falling so far behind in the coursework that she's thinking of dropping one of the major's most crucial courses. Not sure how the viola's going, but listening to any of her favorite concertos or whatever makes her horribly depressed because she realizes she can't play.

This condition is driving Lisa into the ground. She's trying to put a happy face on all this but I know she is suffering and I can't bear to see her like this. She is a wonderful, compassionate, caring person and a true Christian (one of the few, in a world where the cross is a weapon), passionate about her dreams and passionate about life, and I know bad things happen to good people and I know what God giveth God taketh away but I can't help thinking that she so does not deserve this. Right now the shock hasn't settled in yet, partly because it happened pretty recently and partly because the anti-inflammatory painkillers the doctor prescribed for her impede her ability to pay attention to anything, but when it does, oh man. Oh man.

The wrist braces will come off if her condition improves, but overuse the wrists and things will get worse again fast. And anyone who's taken CS280 or plays viola as seriously as she does will know how difficult it will be for her to not overuse her wrists, given her dreams.

If you believe in any semblance of an intelligent deity, please, please pray for her. The conventional wisdom is that God doesn't listen to prayers that aren't straight from the heart, but if you have ever had your world collapse around you--and quite a few of you have--you know exactly how she feels. From what she tells me it doesn't seem like she's ever been through anything of this magnitude before (aside from a car accident involving her sister many years ago), and if nothing else may God give her the strength to get through this. Maybe it won't change anything, but faith tells me, against my rational judgment, that prayer is the thing to do here. As amused as I am to see her high on prescription painkillers, it breaks my heart to think that she's going to need them all the time.

On a very small positive note, the chorus to Tal Bachman's song "She's So High" is hilarious in the context of how doped up she is right now.
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