March 12th, 2005


ruminations on crunk in absentia

Revelation: I don't go to parties because most of my friends are prudes or loners.

That and the fact that the really big parties--the ones to which the entire campus is invited--are always scheduled on one of the two weekends of the semester in which I have fifty bajillion things due on Monday. Whenever I suddenly find myself with an uncanny amount of work to do, the "OMGWTF DRUGS BOOZE SHITTY LIVE MUSIC BIGGEST FUCKING PARTY EVER OFF CAMPUS BE THERE YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" email is sure to follow.

Result: I have no fucking clue what a party is. Hollywood tells me it's a large, plot-convenient gathering of people who drink booze and listen to music--like a concert, except not. If so, I've either never been to one or been to hundreds.

...Yeah, Crunk Fest is tonight, and no, I've never gone, and yeah, I am more than a little morbidly curious, how did you guess.

On the plus side, I did witness a huge snowball fight outside Harkness this afternoon. Guess the Harkies wanted to use up what was left of the snow before it melted. I would have participated, but I wasn't properly dressed.

On the subject of large celebratory gatherings,

Carneval in Brazil: A nation celebrates itself with salsa music, booze, and half-naked peacock girls. The party to end all parties.
Carneval in Spanish House: A dorm celebrates itself with donuts, a strobe light and two dozen freshman girls dancing the Macarena. High school dance.