February 28th, 2005


to the food at dascomb and stevenson

CDS food, I love you--and I may be the only one who does--but please, please stop kicking my ass. You are the most ridiculously efficient food I have ever eaten. One bite too little and I have hunger pangs for hours; one bite too much and I drop into hibernation. I know you're designed to satisfy the harshest of metabolisms, but goodness be, please spare those of us who don't run twenty miles a day between kickboxing class and triathalon practice.

say cheese

Well. Capoeira Fighter 3 is one of the most ambitious Flash games I've ever seen. It's basically Tekken 2 in 2.5D with all the characters being variants of Eddy Gordo (meaning you can play pretty well just by mashing buttons at random). Isn't going to be stealing time away from my copy of Dead or Alive 2 anytime soon, but the price is right. Especially when that price is free.

Runs at a surprisingly reasonable speed.