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Feb. 10th, 2005 @ 02:08 am (no subject)
Current Music: Dana Lyons - Cows With Guns
I have a craving for 魯肉飯. It just occurred to me that I cannot have some in this part of the country at this time of night without walking ten miles to a farm, slaughtering a pig, grinding the pork into giblets, frying them in oil and soy sauce, and boiling them in a tub of hot water, then walking about a hundred miles to Cleveland to get rice that comes in a bag and a rice cooker to boil it in.

This is quite a shock, considering that what I usually do when I crave 魯肉飯 at 2am is walk ten minutes to the late-night 魯肉飯 store and slap $30NT (about a dollar) on the counter.

For all of America's much-touted diversity, it's kind of startling how the simplest food to make in one country is mindbogglingly obscure in another. Of course, I probably should have realized that the first time I had a craving for toasted meatball subs in Taiwan. Or real pizza. Or a six-dollar hamburger. Or...you know, screw these doubts, I love it here.

(Of course, I could just walk ten minutes to the supermarket and buy some ground pork and cook that over a box of Old Ben's. But that just wouldn't be the same, you know?)
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Feb. 10th, 2005 @ 01:32 pm (no subject)
The melting snow is gorgeous today. Fucking gorgeous. Yes, in just a couple of days it will all be ice and slush and ickiness, but today...wow. Just wow. The sky is just clear enough for sunbeams to burst through the clouds like the backdrop of a Renaissance painting, and the sunbeams illuminate thousands and thousands of sparkling particles that slowly drift down to glitter the earth. They form the sequins of an endless woman in a disco-ball dress, gently, sensually sloping. (Yay for awkwardly mixing metaphors!) That speckled gradient in the thaw, green and white and green and white...oh man. LANDSCAPEGASM.

See, it's so beautiful it fried my powers of description.

I would take a picture, but that wouldn't do it justice--it just wouldn't be the same without perspective, without the sense of all those flakes falling in front of and behind you and to every side, at every imaginable distance.
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