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Feb. 4th, 2005 @ 03:49 am the amazing adventures of debito-sensei
Current Music: ËÎÔÀÍ¥ - Life¡¯s A Struggle
Meet Professor Aridou Debito, formerly Dave Aldwinckle. Not only does he write intelligently on a wide variety of issues pertinent to foreigners with an interest in Japan (including but not limited journalistic integrity among foreign correspondents, ethnic discrimination in Japanese academia, and the Japanese rice market, et cetera ad nauseam obnoxious Latin phrase), he has the balls to post civil and well-informed responses sent in by his readers, and occasionally the courage to admit that he was wrong--rare traits in self-styled Internet journalists. The debates on his website are good mental exericse. Even his humor is cerebral--just look at his boat race parable, which would make any modern tribal elder stroke his beard and go "Ooooooooooh." Also, amazingly, ano hito wa nihonjin desu. Touching.

On the flip side of the same coin, there is Masamania, who is actually Japanese and has little to no journalistic integrity (or shame, for that matter). What he does have is amazing wit and social perception that shines through what most Americans would consider a poor command of English. The brazen honesty in his articles is a great change of pace from the exoticized fluff I'm used to from gaijin bloggers in Japan and Trusted International News Sources (tm). Plus, he's fuckin' hilarious--the most recent article, as of this posting, is about HANDICAPPED PRO WRESTLING(INGINGINGING!!!!1111oneonetwo).

Trying not to think about today.
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Feb. 4th, 2005 @ 05:47 am lyrics, for the first time in ages
Current Mood: 痛苦煩惱折我無法入睡
Current Music: 宋岳庭 - Life¡¯s A Struggle
life's a struggle - shawn m80/soong yueh tingCollapse )
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