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Jan. 29th, 2005 @ 02:29 am (no subject)
Finally saw The Matrix Revolutions. At the risk of offending virtually everyone I know who's seen it, it really wasn't that bad a movie. Granted, it didn't even come close to living up to the first movie, and it didn't deliver on many of the things people liked about the first movie--the fight scenes were incredibly bland, the directing and special effects were insipid, and (as everyone and their mother has noticed) the melodrama was a little over the top. Still, it tells a damn good story, and I don't just mean the plot. Things wrap up quite nicely, characters reach the end of their stories at a natural pace. And while it may have been a bad move to attempt to answer the philosophical questions posed in Reloaded, they were answered in a satisfying and unforced manner. The only really big mistake the movie made, I felt, was that unlike the first movie there was absolutely no attempt to make the film accessible to the general public. The first movie was successful in the ambitious task of putting big ideas in little minds while simultaneously blowing them away with fight choreography and special effects. The second movie was perhaps a little too intellectual for the typical Hollywood audience, and that ridiculous rave/sex scene really didn't do much to win over the lowest common denominator. The third movie doesn't even try--it completely breaks from Hollywood tradition and caters exclusively to the people who liked Reloaded for the ideas, pretty much ignoring all else. I can see why people who came into the theater expecting bullet time and existential drama and good directing were sorely disappointed--there was none of that in this film. So little was done with the script that Revolutions felt more like a novel with a movie. Nevertheless, it was a good novel. Probably would have been better that way.
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