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Jan. 6th, 2005 @ 02:46 am (no subject)
Back in Oberlin. It's good to be away from suffering, at least for the time being. There is great bliss in the absence of pain.

Looks like Eric and Todd won't be able to spend most of Winter Term on campus, so it's going to be just me and Bess for a while. As cool as Bess is, I'm a bit disappointed; I was looking forward to our four-person semi-co-op thing. Oh well. Better small disappointments than big ones.

Another day, another tragedy, I guess. I found out that one of my good friends is not coming back to Oberlin, ever. I'm going to miss him terribly.

The creative writing workshop is off to a good start. I just hope I can keep up with the workload. It doesn't look all that difficult, but with all this time on my hands and all the fun I'll be having it'll be hard to keep things under control. I'll manage, hopefully.

Today Eric and Bess and I braved the long trek to Missler's through a raging sleetstorm. Less desperate people would have waited for the weather to improve before heading to a supermarket fifteen minutes away on foot, but, well, food is rather important, and we humans are used to challenging the wrath of Mother Nature to fill their bellies. We each purchased a large variety of goods, but Bess bought mostly vegetables, Eric bought mostly mayonnaise, and I bought mostly bread. Lots and lots of bread. Fuck Atkins; my number one nutritional priority is staying alive. Man cannot live on bread alone, but it'll keep him around longer than meat or vegetables or candy bars.

We celebrated our triumphant return by cooking dinner with Carly. Carly made vegetable stirfry, Bess made pasta, I made sauce (if frying green peppers in Prego counts as making anything), and Eric made fun of us. (His joke.) Not the best cooking I've ever done, but it was good to eat in the company of friends.
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Jan. 6th, 2005 @ 05:00 pm look what i did
First workshop assignment: Interview one of your classmates whom you've never met before, conduct a short interview, and write a story about him or her, fictionalizing as much as you want. A very clever assignment since you get just enough information to get started but not so much that you can't cariacture your interviewee beyond recognition. Normally I wouldn't post something so mundane on Livejournal, but I was surprised how well it turned out, and a bunch of people (Michelle especially) have expressed interest in seeing more of my writing, so yeah, here goes. I wasn't expecting much when I wrote it, but, well, I feel like the kid who slips on a banana peel and accidentally does a triple backflip. Not that it's really good or anything, it's just really good under the circumstances (empty stomach, only one draft, one hour before class, shy interviewee). Which I suppose is just another way of saying, "It sucks, but I have an excuse. And it doesn't suck as much as usual!"

I seem to have trouble not putting guns in my stories.

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Her story about me, which was astonishingly well written, was an angsty, nihilistic, livejournally rant about the enslavement of people to capitalism, as told from the inside of my head when I was in second grade. Not much like me, as anyone who reads this journal regularly can tell, but I was flattered and amused.

Nugget of wisdom from Kate Hubbard, the senior who's teaching the workshop: "If you find yourself writing crap, just keep writing crap, and eventually you'll stop. If you can't stop judging yourself, you will keep writing crap--save it for later, in the editing phase. Don't try too hard to be in control. Sometimes it's not you who does the writing, sometimes writing writes you."
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