December 25th, 2003


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"I once read an article comparing MMORPG gameplay to kicking progessively larger rocks. Can't remember where, though. At any rate, it's an impressively accurate analogy."

"To further the analogy, rock-kicking machines are illegal. "

Far more profound: A genuinely intelligent discussion of the meaning of life. Not the adolescent ramblings of people who've never learned anything about philosophy outside of their sheltered little lives (like mine, hehe). I suppose that this is evidence that you can indeed have scholarly discussion on a non-academic messageboard.

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Someone didn't have a very merry Christmas.

Also, some of you may have heard about the Taiwanese spies that were detained in China last week. Who says the Cold War is over?

By the way...

If a man in a mask pulls out a gun in an embassy and refuses to drop the gun until his demands are met, we call it terrorism.

If mainland China points hundreds of ballistic missles at an island the size of New Jersey and refuses to disarm them until its demands are met, we call it diplomacy.


Also: Dammit, NEHS people! If you're all hanging out somewhere, bring me along! Sure I have work to do and all, but I'm still getting bored.
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