December 24th, 2003


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Well. As I sort of indicated in my last post, today was the day I went back to visit NEHS. It was a bit frightening; nothing much has changed. Felt almost like I was going to school there again. *shudders*

Had a lot of fun shooting down the typical alumni tripe they throw at the juniors and seniors every year. There was much shock and dismay when I told them PIRG was technically a cult. ^_^ I hope I addressed their concerns and alleviated their fears adequately.

Most of the juniors and seniors are hardcore state-school/Ivy contenders. Sigh...looks like I'm going to be the only NEHSer at Oberlin for quite a while. Isaac's thinking of applying, though, which is pretty cool. If he actually goes, I'll be sure to give him a warm welcome.

Met cougarfang, elentirel, and lumenastralis in the flesh once again. It was pretty cool seeing them all in person again, though admittedly it was a little weird (WHOA! You actually exist in non-cyberspace! And you're just like you are online, except with a body and a voice and everything!). None of them seem to have changed much--Shiehan's still writing great stuff for Vistas, Chiarng's hyper as usual, and Miao nearly bowled me over with a mighty glomp, screaming "ERF-CHAAAAAAAAN!" ^_^

Merry Christmas, everybody.
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downwithhydrogen: Well, we have a lake effect snow warning for later today. :-D
Doppelganger X4: Ah, gotta love those lake effects.
Doppelganger X4: All we get here is rain and fog from the mountains and the ocean.
Doppelganger X4: BTW, this is in the middle of what Taiwanese weather stations are calling a cold snap ~_~
downwithhydrogen: Must... restrain... gales of laughter.....
Doppelganger X4: Sigh.
Doppelganger X4: Felicia's mom refused to let me leave her house until I put on a jacket.
Doppelganger X4: Trouble is, the only jackets in the house were three sizes too small for me
Doppelganger X4: and bright purple.
Doppelganger X4: Somehow I managed to escape.
downwithhydrogen: Okay, forget about this not laughing thing....
Doppelganger X4: ^_^