December 23rd, 2003


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(Cue music. Fade in to silhouette of SHADOWY FIGURE, shrouded in a heavy black cloak, slowly walking down a dark corridor lined with pillars.)

V-O: I used to have dreams.

Terrible dreams.

(Cut to the NEHS QUADRANGLE--no lighting except for dim moonlight from foreground. Enter SHADOWY FIGURE, still walking.)

V-O: Dreams where I'd wake up one morning, the future behind me...

(Cut to dark second floor hallway. Several barely visible SILOUHETTES scamper across the floor and into the shadows. Faint snarling noises can be heard.)

V-O: ...and the past at my feet.

(Cut back to QUADRANGLE. SHADOWY FIGURE abruptly stops as it approaches the center of the Quadrangle. Enter snarling SILOUHETTES in foreground, perched on the railing and ready to pounce, the pink of their school uniforms barely visible in the moonlight.)

V-O: The future is nothing but a dream...

and the past is all that's left.


(The snarling grows louder as hundreds of SILOUHETTES crowd the foreground and background, perched on every railing, hidden in every corner, dangling from every ceiling. SHADOWY FIGURE reaches under its cape and pulls out a sixteen-inch-long red Ferrari pencil case.)

V-O: ...the dream...

(Cut to SECOND FLOOR HALLWAY, where the SILOUHETTES' eyes suddenly come ablaze with white light. They pounce into the QUADRANGLE. The snarling noises become roars of fury.)

V-O: ...comes true.

(Cut to QUADRANGLE, where hundreds of SILOUHETTES are lunging at SHADOWY FIGURE on all fours, leaping off the railings and charging across the QUADRANGLE. SHADOWY FIGURE opens the Ferrari pencil case and pulls it away, revealing a gleaming katana blade.

Cut to black.)
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cursed NEHSers have me stuck on sqx (

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Not bad for two days. (The second account I made today.) I think I'll stick to the Cassie account. Even though she's not as good a fighter as my Erf character, her 40+ Find (after bonuses) stat earns her phat, phat lewt. (Who would leave a shiny new flintlock rifle out in the middle of nowhere?) Also, since the most valuable resource for a free user is number of turns, and there's not much one can do in ten per day, she should make for a far more interesting game.

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"I went to gypsy hospital once, they told me I had to marry the chief gypsy's less attractive daughter before they would replace my defunct kidney.

To get out of that sticky mess I challenged the chief to a knife fight. During the fight I skillfully blocked the chief's knife with my damaged kidney, giving him first blood and the win.

But according to gypsy code he then was honour bound to fix my kidney for free. Using the same knife he fought with he sliced me open on the roast lamb buffet table and replaced my kidney with one of his own.

The chief's more attractive daughter then looked after me during my recovery, she is now my wonderful wife."

-Mort on Dumbrella, responding to Jeff's announcement that the WIGU website is down