December 21st, 2003


silent night

Oberlin is so empty tonight. Makes sense, I guess, since the dorms close tomorrow at 9. All the food in the dining halls is looking pretty doubtful since they haven't had any shipments come in for a while. (Something to do with not having any extra food left over after break, I guess.) It's eerily, eerily quiet. I miss my friends already.

Thank goodness that Mike was making crude but delicious chocolate chip pancakes in the kitchen earlier tonight. Would have been pretty desolate if he, Rena, and Kei hadn't been eating there. It felt like we were the last three people on campus. Which, in retrospect, was probably true.

My stuff is all packed up. Have to wake up at 6am tomorrow to catch my (arg!) 16+ hour flight. I'm alternately terrified and excited. Taiwanites, see you guys soon, I guess; it'll be good to be home. Fellow Obies, I'll see you in Februrary. Have a great break, and keep in touch.
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    Rob Dougan - I'm Not Driving Anymore (an Agent Smith theme from the first Matrix movie, with vocals!)