December 16th, 2003


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This cheered me up just a little bit.

It's a capella. Sort of. It's a Japanese guy doing all the instruments in his favorite American rock songs using nothing but his voice. Problem is, he doesn't have a particularly pleasant voice. Additionally, he apparently doesn't speak a word of English. Mad, mad hilarity.

Props to Andrew Vestal for finding this. Andrew, you are the man.


2:00pm-2:30pm Wake up. Shower. Brush teeth. Call travel agency to change my flight, since it's booked to arrive four hours before the first bus leaves to the airport. Travel agency says my flight can't be changed and all other flights back home are booked. Great. Looks like I'm going to be sleeping in the airport.
2:56pm-4:02pm Travel agency calls me back. Turns out there's a waitlist for another airline that leaves from Cleveland at a more reasonable time, but it'll have to connect to Newark with one leg of a round-trip flight and then slingshot back to Cleveland and across the rest of the United States to Taipei. Additional cost: $800-1000, IF I get a refund on my previous ticket.
4:06pm I call my mother and she tells me she reserved a limo for me already.

Cost: $15 in long distance charges and phone card fees (would you believe our long distance carrier charges us to use phone cards?).
Meals eaten: None.
Amount of studying done for finals: None.
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