November 29th, 2003


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Am at Chris's house right now. It's great to be in Edison again. *stretches and yawns* Sigh...If there were a place I could call home, Edison might just be it. Of course it won't be the same with everyone gone, but still. I grew up here. Obies, NEHSers, you guys are all great, but this a special, special part of my past that you don't understand. Maybe you would if you came with me one time (as my friend Alan did with his college buddies this Thanksgiving). Dunno. Not much to do here, but it's home. Or home-like, at least.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Chris's family refurbished their house so that it's got a giant, IKEA-catalog kitchen and few other rooms. It's so strange being in a house I remember so clearly with all these extra parts attached. Almost some kind of twisted dream, the kind of dream you get from eating too many Doritos before bed. Chris and Alan are pretty much the same as they were five years ago, except that they have both ditched their squeaky voices for deep bass baritones and grown into hulking behemoths. (Stupid America! I gained a few inches at Oberlin, so I was looking forward to being the same height as them again. It's not fair.) Lil' Fishy is...thirteen. Self-explanatory. And she has a pet chinchilla, which is reminiscent in personality and appearance to Pikachu. Ultra kawaii, that chinchilla.

Pictures will come when I take them.

Tomorrow I visit Vikram. He'll be bringing me to see Courtney and Jeff, my ex-neighbors, whom I haven't seen in six years. Ooh, the anticipation!

amasashi's meme

I want to end this loneliness.
I sleep when sleep takes me.
I hear the ticking of my friend Chris's clock.
I spend most on my money on food and bare necessities. (Ching-shih, this is your legacy at work.)
I wonder how Courtney and Jeff have changed.
I believe in God, not in religion.
I clean up after myself when I'm done eating.
I know nothing, and I try to be at peace with my ignorance.
I own very little. (Give me stuff, people! I'm poor!)
I saw the legendary albino squirrel last week.
I hate that I hate intimidation by authority figures.
I support my friends.
I hope I am not a narcissist.
I ask whether it is worth sacrificing happiness for companionship.
I feel tired and mildly bittersweet.
I love women who do not love me. (Not by choice, mind you.)
I anticipate a dark and empty path, lit by fires that give no warmth.
I need a girlfriend. (Just kidding. I'm not that desperate yet. :])
I think too much.