November 19th, 2003



NEHS GIRLS! I am doing a paper on the alpha female effect on seventh grade girls at NEHS. You know what I'm talking about; it happens almost every year: one year you're a happy sixth grader, hanging out with your friends and having fun, and the next year some bitch has a Microsoft-like grip on your friends, your potential boyfriends, your grades, your possessions, and pretty much everything else you have. And everyone else's, too. I've observed that several generations in a row an "alpha female" has taken control of the seventh grade at NEHS, controlling who gets to be friends with whom, who gets to talk to whom, who gets which guys, who gets what grades, and so on. I would like to hear about your experiences on this topic: what it was like, how it made you feel, how you wish it could have been different, how you fought against it/complied with it, how it came apart, etc. If I quote you in my paper I will credit you.

The paper will explain this problem and attempt to solve it using established theories of social psychology. I already have a pretty good idea about what I'm going to write, but as I've never been a victim of this phenomenon directly (me being male and all), your input would be invaluable.