October 29th, 2003


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The last two days have been, well, shit.

On Monday I opened my mailbox to find ten gazillion little pink slips (the ones that tell you to go to the post office downtown to pick up your mail). Most of them were marked "SECOND WARNING: RETURN TO SENDER AFTER 10/25." (Grrr...). I also got emails summoning me to the student union office and the financial aid office, both of them dated the day before fall break.

I got to the post office at 5:01PM.

The post office closes at five.

So does the student union office.

AND the financial aid office.


Lots of other horrible stuff happened that day and yesterday and today...I got stuck in the rain and it stopped as soon as I found shelter...some guy at Dascomb bumped into me and my salad exploded (he was nice enough to get me another one, but still)...the Space Invaders machine at Downtown Pizza ate my quarters...they ran out of prepackaged blueberry pies in the Barrows vending machine...I overslept and missed CompSci...whine whine whine bitch gripe.

Also, I ran into pretty much everyone I know on campus yesterday. No idea whether it was coincidence or what, but...bleh. I guess it was a good thing.

I also met what's-his-name (grr I suck with names), who was playing a very complex and extraordinarily beautiful arranged version of the Final Fantasy VI battle theme on the Dascomb piano. Turns out he composed it himself. This is amazing because I have never, ever met anyone else IRL who's as big a fan of Nobuo Uematsu's music as I am, and hearing someone play the familiar "DUH-DUH! Duh DUH-DUH! Duh DUHHHHHHHH duh DUHHHHHHH duh-duh-duh!" on a public piano was just...impossible. Stuff like that just doesn't happen.

What's even more amazing was that his music was attracting a small crowd of Final Fantasy fans, some who recognized the names of the songs he was playing and the games they were from. MY PEOPLE. *snif*

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