October 19th, 2003


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I'm typing this from my dad's college friend's house near Akron, where I am staying for fall break. The computer I'm using right now belongs to my dad's college friend's son, who (like me) spends most of his time on the Internet, so I probably won't be updating all that frequently this week. Which is a shame, because I have little to do and much to say. Ah well.

Dammit! I wait all day to go online and then I run out of energy to say what I wanted to say. I'll try again tomorrow. Hopefully.

You don't know what absolutely nothing is until you've done it all day. I have resorted to pacing back and forth, from the kitchen to the living room, to entertain myself. Aargh!

At least I'm getting stuff written. Badly, but stuff is getting written. And I'm catching up on my Bible reading, and I'm finishing all those Super Nintendo RPGs my childhood wasn't long enough for me to finish. I'd write more on that but my brain is pudding right now.

This may sound silly but I actually miss school. College is so awesome; it feels weird being in a homey environment again...and I miss my friends...both the ones at school and the ones I know from NEHS...

Arg dammit! I've only been gone a day!

Things I was going to write about tonight that I want to address in future entries:

1. Dying alone is worse than it sounds.
2. Home is a place where time does not exist.
3. Taiwan is not as bad a place as I make it seem.
4. I hate it when I don't know if people are mad at me or not. Stupid mixed messages...
5. Live A Live is a pretty cool video game.
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