October 7th, 2003


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I had a very strange dream last night. In the dream I was still at NEHS, at the beginning of 12th grade, and I had just gotten the news that I would be transferring to another high school. I was greatly distressed. I asked my mom about it and she showed me a slip of paper (suspiciously similar to the psychology field report I wrote up last night) which said, in heavy legalese, that I could not stay at NEHS unless someone paid a large sum of money. When I begged my mother to pay the fine, she yelled at me and insisted she didn't have the money. I ran to the bus stop, forgetting my Game Boy and my copy of Wario Land(why is that important?) and on the bus I ran into a fifteen-year-old Wazi. We talked about how much it sucks when people have to leave. I tried to take my mind off it by taking out the only book in my backpack and reading it, but the book was full of little notes and scribbles and inside jokes from my friends at school, so it only made me feel worse. When I got to school there was no one there except for Doris, Perry, and a bunch of other little kids at the playground. Then I walked in on Ms. Liu, my eighth grade health teacher (who has long since left NEHS) giving a talk to a bunch of seventh graders about how they could get a refund for any money left in their cafeteria cards after the end of the year. Suddenly I was in front of a large TV at a train station in Cleveland, where Felicia, Tracy, and I were watching a techdemo of the Microsoft Xbox. It was a video that started with a football game, then panned out of the stadium onto a racetrack (where several cars were whooshing by), then panned out into a train station where a huge army of terrorists and counter-terrorists from Counter-Strike were having a battle of epic proportions on the train from cs_assault, which was barreling down the train track at tremendous speed. A bunch of characters from some fighting game jumped in front of the camera, obscuring the carnage, and did some ridiculous-looking martial arts forms. As a gag I jumped into the game and threw one of the characters offscreen, and then Felicia jumped in and put me in a headlock.

There are many things wrong with this dream (aside from the obvious ones).

Firstly, I'm not homesick at all. I do not miss NEHS one bit; I hated it like CANCER. Furthermore, my senior year was total shit. I would have been ecstatic if I had the opportunity to leave early. Yes, I would miss my friends and all that, but hey, they were gone long before they were gone. I missed them when they were still there.

Secondly, I love it at Oberlin. From an NEHS perspective, it's almost too good to be true. I can get up at nine in the morning every day, no one cares if I'm late for class, I have lots of time to do anything I want, and all I have to do for homework is reading and the occasional paper. I have plenty of friends here; granted, they're not as close as the ones I had at NEHS, but hey, I've only known them a couple of weeks. Plus I can talk to my NEHS buddies pretty much anytime I want. I was preparing for a pretty rough transition when I came here and the transition was so smooth I barely noticed it.

So why was I so upset about leaving NEHS in my dream? I'm already gone from there. Few people I remember from there are still there, and most of them I know better on LJ anyway, or talk to me often over AIM. Is there something unresolved in my subconscious? Some unfinished buisness I left over there and forgot about?

Or are dream emotions just weird?
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Sasha, my vaguely homosexual neighbor, has four nipples. He had a backache today so he borrowed two bras from Lani and put them on. As a gag, Meg from down the hall pretended to make out with him, undid both his bras, exposed his lower set of nipples, and threw the bras across the room and into Becca's face. It was so funny.