October 5th, 2003


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Every Friday Heather, Brian, Will, Mark, one random female (one week it was Clementine, one week it was Lisa, and one week it was Claire), and I head over to Brian-Will-Mark-Adam's quad in Saunders and stay up all night doing absolutely nothing. Ostensibly we go to eat cookies or watch a movie or play some stupid party game, but we usually end up just sitting around from 10pm to 6am. It's not as easy as it sounds. In this age of video games, action movies and thrill-of-the-minute entertainment, people aren't well equipped for marathon socializing. Sometimes there will be a full one or two minutes of total silence, with the five of us completely still (as if we were part of a painting), and then someone will start up again, and...ugh. It's a lot of fun, but by the next morning I just don't want to talk to anybody about anything.

I feel sorry for the Victorians. How did they manage to do this their entire dull, meaningless lives? Think about how less melodramatic Pride and Prejudice would have been if the Bennetts had television.

Which is why I spent all of today inside my room. Robotrek is my friend.
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regarding the secret project

I wrote the addresses on the envelopes wrong, so eleven of them showed up at a family friend's mailbox with "RETURN TO SENDER" stickers on them. Stupid me. No wonder I haven't been getting any of them.

Full write-up after I finish my paper.

Thanks again to Heather for helping me with it. And also thanks to Zhou Ti, my dad's old buddy from college, for driving all the way to Oberlin to deliver those misaddressed letters by hand.

Final count:
"Mike Jones" - 4
Other - 7

None appear to have been opened.

Oh yeah...TKD. Had my first session with Peter today. He's World Taekwando Federation, too, but his tsong tse (forms) are all totally different and he has a bunch of blocks and kicks that are totally different from ours. WTF? <--pun, arg

When Josh (the dude down the hall) doesn't get enough sleep, he bears a striking resemblance to Max Payne.
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