September 18th, 2003



Free bagels. Free cream cheese. Free ice cream. Free candy bars. Free Amish cheese. Free honey. Free pretzels. Free spring water.

O Taste of Wilder Food Fair, how I lovest thou.

I also got my speakers set up today. Sweet, sweet sound.
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Martial arts make me so happy. They're like a drug. Doesn't matter if it's JKD, TKD, Aikido...they all make me feel all giddy inside. No idea why.


There's a guy named Peter in my AKD class who happens to be a TKD second degree black belt. (WTF-style TKD, too!) He can't test me since he doesn't know any of the taegeuks (tsong tse)--his sensei tests with a different set of forms. However, the two of us can help each other practice the basics so we don't forget them or screw up our knowledge of them. Next semester he's thinking about starting a TKD Exco and hiring a sensei in Cleveland to test us every now and then. Fun fun fun! I'll have to start over from white because I'll have to drop the taegeuks and learn that alternate thing, but at least I've got another shot at black belt. And hey, I already know all the basic kicks, so that should speed things up a bit. So excited...
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