September 15th, 2003


plagiarized from myself

Cities are the sleep in which dreams are born.

What is a city but the dreams of a people? Workers hammering away at a millionaire's future penthouse; lovers buying fried taro in a bustling night market; fruit vendors marvelling at an unfinished hotel; children running amok through the alleys of a shantytown. These are the things that are make cities real. With each brick laid comes a hope, a dream, a promise. When these dreams are abandoned, the city remains. It is their legacy.
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ignatia, _devillicious_, and ashleycul8r are all cheerleaders (or former cheerleaders). None of them are ditzes. Or blonde.

A girl down the hall knows a bunch of enormous jock football players who are incredibly intelligent and articulate. They made it into MIT, and not because of their talent in sports.

ellyr listens to Dir en Grey and does not wear black eyeshadow or maim people at random with her fingernails.

If people like them are everywhere, where the hell do these stereotypes come from? None of them seem true at all, anywhere.