September 10th, 2003


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Two days ago the Oberlin Democrats invited Sherrod Brown, one of the most left-wing Democrats in Congress, to Oberlin. Ostensibly he came here to rally support for the Democratic party in the upcoming presidential election (which would explain the voter registration forms and free cookies conveniently placed on the same table outside), but I got the feeling he was preaching to the converted. He talked a bit about environmental issues and workers' rights, but the crux of his speech was the need for the Democratic Party to take Ohio. Apparently we're a very important state, and the success of the Democratic Party depends largely on getting enough of us to vote. He didn't even have to tell us why--it was generally assumed that if we were going to vote, we were going to vote Democrat. Which is a fair assumption, I suppose. Rumors of the existence of Republicans on campus appear to be greatly exaggerated.

Speaking of Republicans, it seems like Oberlin is unanimously against Bush. Thousands of trees have given their lives so that various official-sounding political organizations could plaster every wall, bulletin board, door, and window on campus with slogans like "BEAT BACK BUSH!" and "KICK BUSH'S ASS!" There is not one place in Oberlin where I have seen a "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS" or "REMEMBER 9/11" poster (not that one would survive for long in a place like this). This alarms me greatly. I am much in favor of free speech and all that, but when one side of a debate is so grossly overrepresented, one must wonder if people on that side truly understand and are passionate about the cause they are fighting for, or if they're just following the crowd or what their friends tell them. This is no better than a society where there is no free speech at all.

Completely unrelated: On my way to class today I saw a girl who looks exactly like Carlyn, but is a foot taller and speaks in a heavy British accent. I also saw a girl who looks like a 30-year-old Jenn. Interesting.

you can go with this. or you can go with that. you can go with this. or you can go with that.

Club fair today. Very, very ghetto, even compared to our club fair at NEHS. Most booths were just empty tables with a signup sheet and a piece of notebook paper with the club's name on it. Oh well, whatever gets the point across, I guess.

At the OhioPIRG table, where there was a stack of hundreds of postcards...

OhioPIRG girl: Hi, would you like to fill out a postcard? It'll help save our country's forests!
Me: How will filling out a postcard save our country's forests?
OhioPIRG girl: People in Congress are pushing for the repeal of the Open Roads Act, which protects 44% of America's forests. If our Congressmen get ten thousand postcards from their constitutents that say, "We don't want you to repeal this act," well, that will leave quite an impact.
Me: Okay, but didn't a lot of trees have to die so all these postcards could be printed?
OhioPIRG girl: ...They're printed on recycled paper...
Me: So one petition with ten thousand names, on maybe ten or twenty sheets of paper, wouldn't do just as well?
OhioPIRG girl: Well, yes, we've done that kind of thing, too, and it does have an impact. However, it won't have the same impact on a Congressperson's mailbox as ten thousand postcards in his or her mailbox.
Me: Thank you for your time.
OhioPIRG: Thank you.

I am stupid today. They had soft-serve ice cream in Stevenson today and I ATE AT DASCOMB FOR BOTH LUNCH AND DINNER. Arg. What's worse, I piled my plate high with rice and potatoes (both of which I am sick of) right before I saw the fridge full of prepackaged salad, yogurt, and sandwiches, which I could have taken back to the dorm to eat later. You see, Dascomb has this strange meal plan where one swipe of your meal card entitles you to one entree, two drinks, and three sides. The rice and potatoes were already two sides, and I wasted the last side on a salad bar. I have class at the time when most of the dining halls are open for lunch, so it would be very time-efficient for me to fill up my roommate's refrigerator with yummy edibles, and right now the refrigerator only contains a salad and some drinks. BLEH.

I also made the mistake of getting a cranberry juice cocktail and unsweetened iced tea. Neither one tastes good by itself, and the two of them mixed together are even worse. Uggggh.
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