August 30th, 2003


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Around 4AM this morning I heard this droning noise in my sleep. It got louder and louder and louder and suddenly an arm yanked me out of bed and a gruff male voice was screaming, "GET OUT OF HERE! GO GO GO! NOW! MOVE IT! MOVE IT!" Groggily I draped my blanket around my waist (I sleep in briefs) and stumbled outside, through the strangely unlocked and open door to my room. Prodded on by the screaming voice, I clambered down the stairs, almost missing the exit, and scampered out of the building.


Through my half-conscious, unspectacled eyes I recognized the flashing halos of fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances. There was a stream of people confusedly blundering down the sidewalk and away from the building, so, still very much asleep, I followed them, the concrete jabbing pins and needles through my bare feet. I was accosted by a blurry shape. "Dude," it said, "if that had been a real fire, you'd be dead by now. You slept through the damn fire alarm!"

Turns out that the arm that had yanked me out of bed belonged to a volunteer fireman, who, alongside the rest of his company, the police department, and several ambulances, was participating in the drill with us.

I had trouble going back to sleep that night.

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This is Oberlin, Elaine! If you don't ask him out, Mr. Right will.
The Date

Got my credit/debit/ATM card in the mail today. Resisted the urge to buy half of Oberlin with it. Bought textbooks instead.

The two biggest political forces here are liberals and radicals. When I registered to vote today, I asked the lady if there were any Republicans on campus. She laughed at me.

The DeCafe (DeCaf for short) is so aptly named. It's the most politically correct deli and supermarket ever. Next to bottles of ginseng-enriched organic fruit juice, buckets of soy ice cream, boxes of vegan TV dinners and crates of energy bars are economy-size potato chips, two-liter Vanilla Cokes, candy bars, microwave pizza, instant macaroni and cheese, and Ultra-Indulgent Fat Person Delight Double Chocolate Cappucino Fudge Gourmet Ice Cream (With Extra Lard!). Never since I first set foot in McDonalds have I seen so American a place. Add a Starbucks outside, and a competing Brazilian Rainforest Coffee Shop next door to appease the anti-corporatists, and you'd have the quintessential rich-liberal delicatessen.

Sorry. I'm a little pissed because I saw a flyer in the Wilder mailroom that reads, "CAMPUS BOOKSTORE IS OWNED BY BARNES AND NOBLE" in huge letters, and contains a list of alternatives underneath. I was tempted to scribble "SO WHAT?" under it, but for whatever reason I didn't. And just so nobody gets the wrong idea, I have seen fewer fat people at Oberlin than anywhere else in America, so we're not total hypocrites. One can sell lard in places that aren't pigpens.

On a less infuriating note, I just saw a couple get married in Finney Chapel. (Awwwwww!) Hope they weren't students. That would be too convenient, what with the jewelry store on Main Street and the tailor downtown, and all those pretty buildings that make good backgrounds for wedding pictures.

A band is breaking up outside my room. Two members are screaming at each other, and one of them is storming outside in a fit of rage. This could get interesting.
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