August 29th, 2003


crash day

There was pretty much nothing important scheduled today, so I spent all day hanging around with ellyr and Megumi. Not much to do...every social group needs a shepherd, and we were all sheep. A pretty pointless day.

It rained for ten minutes this morning. The water came in short, powerful bursts, as if the sky were having an orgasm. Felt like Taipei.

Tonight there was a panel on diversity. We asked them a lot of tough questions and they gave a lot of good answers. The panelists seemed to be a pretty random group of people, so I asked them, "What do you all have in common?" I was clapped off the mike when they responded, "We all go to Oberlin!" (Nice save.) Redeemed myself by asking them, "Which is more important, celebrating our differences or our similarities?" That stumped them for a bit. Later, a bunch of people congratulated me for asking that question, which was flattering but pretty unnecessary.

Dreading the day classes start, but looking forward to it too. Mixed feelings.
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