August 28th, 2003


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My advisor:

"Kevin, your essay was...excellent. I can see why you want to do creative writing."


*does so many cartwheels and somersaults that people outside think I'm a gymnastics major*

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"Who are you?"
"I'm beer!

Beer feels so used...LOL.

Just came back from a The Date, a play about sexual assault. It was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be--sex is so much more complicated than I thought, and the definition of sexual assault is so...vague. Ugh...I don't want to have sex anymore...don't wanna hurt anyone by accident. >.<

Just in case, though, I grabbed a whole bunch of free condoms from the table outside the auditorium. Don't know if I'll be using them for a while, but maybe they'll make interesting party favors or something.

My RA is cool. He's a tall, skinny black guy with a high pitched voice. His name is Curtis and he talks a little like Chris Rock. And oh yeah, he's gay, which is pretty interesting. I've never met a gay man in person before. There are two other RAs in second floor Barrows but I can't remember their names. Ugh.

Second floor Barrows is pretty nice. My roommate, me, and the two girls across the hall keep our doors open all the time. We're basically a quad. ^ ^ There's a guy a couple doors down who likes to walk into a room for five minutes, dominate the conversation, and then leave. Reminds me a bit of Kramer from Seinfeld. Right now they're all socializing in the hall right outside the door. I'd join them, but fuck it, I get so sick of socializing.
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