August 22nd, 2003


(no subject)

I am here.

ANTICLIMAX! It is empty, and there is no wireless internet yet. Guess that's what happens when you move in a couple days before everyone else. My only connection to the Internet is that satellite 56k thing my dad installed. Oh well, at least I'm finally living here.

Nothing to do for the next couple days except wait, eat, and buy stuff I don't need. (Can't believe my parents talked me into buying two huge plastic crates to put under my bed. What I'd put in them, I can't imagine.)

I shot a little movie of my room with my webcam, but I can't upload it because my Internet is too slow. Maybe you'll see more later.

American dorms all smell the same. It is not a good smell.

Gonna have to sort through my junk mail. Yes, I got junk mail before I moved in. How gay is that? At least it's good junk for super cheap food and stuff.

Oberlin is so pretty. It's a quaint little place literally on the fringe of civilization. Go a couple miles one way and you're knee deep in corn; go a couple miles another way and you're plowing through Cleveland. It's too big to be a town and too small to be a city, so it's got all the character of Niagara Falls or Metuchen and none of the suburban sprawl of Edison or Cupertino. The college has a long anti-corporate tradition, so I was surprised to find a McDonalds and a Subway in the middle of town. There are still a lot more locally owned stores than most other places, though, which makes it feel unique. I had doubts up to the moment I left, but the more time I spend here the more I like it. I would take pictures, but my dad has the only high-quality digital camera my family owns and I'm stuck with a crappy mainland Chinese one only capable of taking grainy black-and-white mugshots. jealous of everyone who's already settled in and having fun. (Except Felicia, of course, who seems to be in a bit of trouble right now. I pray for her.) It's so empty here right now.