August 18th, 2003


the final stretch

I am nearing the end of my pointless tour through America. Typing this from Chicago, in yet another ridiculously wealthy uncle's house. Two days from now I move into the Oberlin dorms.

I'm so excited! And strangely unafraid!

On the flight here I sat next to this hot Korean (or Japanese? Definitely not Chinese, though) chick who speaks with a heavy British accent. I would have tried to talk to her if I hadn't been sneezing every two minutes. Damned allergies!

Right after we landed in Chicago my uncle and aunt took my family to a Japanese fusion restaurant called Nami Bistro. The service was hella slow, but the food was awesome. One of their house specials is green ebi roll sushi, which is an entire roast eel covered with fish wrapped in seaweed and sushi rice, topped with about a dozen raw shrimp, and drizzled with wasabi and soy sauce. (Basically three kinds of sushi mangled together into a monstrosity the size of a 12oz steak.) Pretty pricey at $20 a plate, but it's delicious. Having rich relatives has its perks. :]

In other news...FISHY AND WAZI ARE BACK!!
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