August 16th, 2003


long-awaited pictureses!

About a week ago most of the Americans on my dad's side of the family met at my uncle's house in San Jose. There were way too many people for us to fit everyone in one photograph, so we took pictures by generation. This is mine. Clockwise from top left: Cousin Dave (the chiropractor), an uncle (or cousin?) I don't know, an aunt I don't know, cousin Lisa's husband, cousin Lisa, cousin Li-Wei, Li-Wei's husband Scott, Li-Wei and Scott's child Lucas, Lisa's daughter (don't know her name), my hot second cousin (whose name I don't remember), me, and cousin Serena. Serena is the only person on my mother's side (aside from me, of course). She's the evil cousin-sister I'm always telling you guys about.

This is another pic of Serena. I think the two guys are her roommates. The picture says a lot about her.

Coming soon: Pictures of Bird Rock at Pebble Beach. Named Bird Rock because every inch of it, from shore to shore, is covered in bird shit. There's so much bird shit there that it used to be a fertilizer mine. I kid you not.