August 9th, 2003


here i am

I'm typing this at my uncle's house in Cupertino, CA, not far from San Francisco. It's much like I remembered it. Woop.

Not until I got on the plane did it set in that I will not see most of the people I know for a long, long time. Sure, there's always going to be AIM and LJ, but it just isn't the same. Felt a little better when I reminded myself that you guys will always be a part of me, so I'm sort of bringing all of you along. :b

Weep not for the memories...

I hate sixteen-hour flights, especially when there's turbulence and screaming babies and dizzyingly low cabin pressure. Felt rather sick after I got off the plane, which is unusual since I haven't had motion sickness since third or fourth grade. The inflight movies were all pretty okay...Finding Nemo, The Core, and Bulletproof Monk, I think.

Can't wait until I get to Oberlin and make new friends. Being surrounded by unfamiliar faces is pretty intimidating.

This might be my last entry for a while. My dad subscribes to this satellite thing that lets me connect to the Internet through 56k dialup virtually anywhere on earth, and, well, it's not mine, so I won't get to use it all that often. Theoretically I could hack into any of the local wireless networks nearby, but alas, my hack-fu is not strong enough.

Insufficient sleep. Bleh.

I miss Felicia. I miss her a lot.
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