July 29th, 2003


(no subject)

Had a dream last night that all of Hsinchu flooded except for Mei Zhu Shan Dwong, the tallest building in the city. I was standing on one of the peaks of Shi Ba Jian Shan and I saw the ocean rise higher and higher...

In the same dream I bought a remote-controlled toy Tribes 2 heavy tank at a computer game store, and it was just big enough for me to sit on top of it and drive around. It was actually a collectible playing piece for a basement-sized pen-and-paper turn-based strategy RPG (kind of like a very big version of Warhammer, or a live-action Front Mission/Final Fantasy Tactics), where you actually blow up the other players' tanks by shooting them with Nerf balls. I remember the store sold light, medium, and heavy tanks, and I picked the heavy tank because it had the most firepower and I didn't care about the low speed rating. Fast enough for me, though. I could almost keep up with traffic on Kuangfu Road. It was a lot of fun busting car windows with the giant Nerf ball turret.

Went on a magical Zelda 64: Majora's Mask-style adventure (in reverse; every item I needed at the beginning I got at the end, and vice versa) to unflood the city and get back home. Not as fun as it sounds--spent most of the time drowning in the ocean because I could not change into a form that could swim. Eventually made it though.