July 27th, 2003


song on chris's xanga (http://www.xanga.com/item.aspx?user=grim_cricket&tab=weblogs&uid=27475635)...no idea what it's called or what it's from

This song is hard to sing, because goodbyes are hard to say. But I know it's only for a time, we will meet again someday.

The song we've left unsung, will keep ringing in our hearts. For the melody keeps echoing, and helps me do my part...

To let the light of our love shine for all the world to see. Let our joy and laughter, become a part of me.

And because I have known you, my life will never be, quite the same. May your spirit, live through me...

And when it's time to meet again, I'll know you by your name. For a friendship lasts forever, and forever stays the same.

We are one, we are one...

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