July 24th, 2003


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The sun has risen. It is 5:30 AM. I've been online eleven consecutive hours (though admittedly I was off the computer for maybe an hour or so).

I hope I haven't set some kind of new record.

organized randomness

Very gloomy day today. Walked to Burger King in the rain.

If you buy one of those new Aladdin Burgers at Burger King and add $10NT, they'll give you a Rise of Nations demo cd. Those Aladdin Burgers must taste horrible.

Was bored so I went upstairs and looked at the big scale model of the Science Park. Found NEHS. Took a while because the model builders were lazy and fused all the school's buildings together--the Bilingual Department looks like a hexagon instead of a staple. WTF?

I'm glad I know people like Chiarng and Denise and Shiehan and all the others. It's simultaneously comforting and unsettling to know that the terrible, terrible world I am leaving behind will still exist long after I'm gone. I pity the teachers and administrators who live in the faculty dorms, the ones who almost literally eat, sleep, and breathe NEHS. Wonder if it's like being 15 forever?

zhiwen asked why I stayed online until 5 AM this morning. Well, I was browsing through the xangas of the J.P. Stevens High School Class of 2003, of which I would be a member had I not been brought to Taiwan by a strange twist of fate. Kind of important, because if I don't contact my old buddies from Edison I may never be able to track them down again. It was very comforting, actually, to read through all those names and look at all those pictures. People have changed, but they're still recognizable. The ones I don't know aren't as foreign, somehow, as the people on the Oberlin mailing lists, even though they really aren't all that different from people in Ohio. Actually, after reading through those xangas, the people on the Oberlin mailing lists don't seem all that foreign either. I feel that I understand them better now, like I've finally been able to make some kind of mental connection between the multicultural group of little kids I left in Edison and the multicultural group of adults I am joining in Oberlin.

Trying to find at least one recent J.P. graduate on Friendster so I can find any others I know. No luck yet.

Had a dream last night that I was at Oberlin and it was populated with Edisonites I never knew. Weird dream.

Had another dream that I was in Ms. Jou's Chinese class, and Ms. Jou, perhaps finally cracking after so many years of being nice to kids, went absolutely ballistic and started yelling at us for all sorts of stupid reasons. "Us" being a random collection of people that had been in my Chinese class before, and a few people who haven't. I know Chiarng, Stephanie, and Eric Dun were there...I think Shiehan and Denise might have been there too. I vaguely remember something about a bunch of kids crying and me standing up and demanding that Ms. Jou leave her personal problems outside the classroom. Even weirder dream.

I miss Felicia.

Babble! Babble babble babble. Floog.
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