July 16th, 2003


third time's a charm

From _devillicious_.

1. You've been blessed with the gift of prophesy for doom, also the curse of never being believed. [sounds like Cassandra] What do you do with your powers and why?

I start an Art of Living class and teach kids how to enjoy life, so when they die horrible deaths, they'll have lived relatively fulfilling lives. In my spare time I'd run around the city, wearing a patchwork mask and cape (made by my students) and armed with grappling hooks and clay bombs and other tools I made in arts and crafts classes, to prevent my prophecies from coming true. I would be known as...the Craftsman.

2. You hand has a mind of its own when you're unconcious; one day you wake up holding a knife next to a guy who has been stabbed to death. What do you do?

Well, my legs don't have a mind of their own, so if I woke up next to a guy that would probably mean I slept with him and am gay. Suicide would look pretty good around then. :]

Alternatively...Christ did say something like "If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off"...

3. If you could turn back time into any point of your life and relive it, maybe change a few things, what would you change and why?

Depends. If I go back to a time when I was sick or mentally unstable, would I still be sick or mentally unstable? If not, then yeah, there's a lot of stuff I'd want to change, but that would be cheating. If I had to go back exactly the way I was before and relive some part of my life...I'd rather not, actually. Hindsight is 20/20. I've been living the best life I could under the circumstances I've been in.

If I could go back and talk to my former self, that would actually be kind of nice, as long as I didn't trigger some kind of weird paradox that would make me fundamentally different in some way or cease to exist.

4.4 covered+ identical cups are in front of you. in 3, there are poison, and in one, there is the elixir of youth. now, suppose you're an old geezer dying slowly of brain cancer or something. You can only pick one and drink from it immediately, without testing if its poison on anyone else [you have one chance]. Do you attempt to choose one and drink it, or do you just sorta leave those 4 alone?

What's the point? I've got cancer, so even if I'm young, I'll die anyway. I'd also want to know how young the elixir would make me. I don't want to have to go through being thirteen again.

5. You wake up bound and gagged, upside down and 6 ft away from a pit of starving+rabid lions. You have no idea how you got there. Take a random guess of how you might have ended there and what you should do now.

What is with all these sadistic questions? Grr. Anyway...I guess I tripped on a rope and fell face first onto a long strip of duct tape. Then a bunch of lions escaped from the animal quarantine center at the airport while awaiting medication for rabies, and fell into the crater a meteorite made when it smashed into the ground six feet away from me. Also, God doesn't like me anymore.

Random enough for you? :]

What I would do would really depend on the environment; you didn't give me enough details. If the lion pit was a good distance away from me I'd probably roll away from it, find a nail or something, try to cut whatever was binding my hands, and get up and walk away. If the lion pit was right under me, well now, there's not much I can do, is there? The logical thing to do would be to try to climb up whatever I'm dangling from (assuming I'm dangling from a rope or chain) and try to swing away and catch my ropes on something sharp, but again, that really depends on what else is in the room.

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