July 15th, 2003


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How much has your life changed since Duke Nukem Forever was announced?

I lived in America when the game was announced and I'll be living in America when (if) it comes out, so I guess nothing's really changed, aside from that whole high school thing and pretty much every other aspect of my life. That's pretty much it. ;-(

I think it's about time I stopped waiting for this game. Or hoping it will ever see the light of day.

DNF = Did Not Finish <-- even this joke is old now

the first rule of fight clFUCK YOU SHUT UP

Under Fishy's recommendation I watched Fight Club today. Didn't really think much of the first third or so of the movie, and the sadomasochistic homoeroticism made me more than a little squeamish...but about halfway through all was forgiven.

Holy shit. I can so identify with the protagonist of this movie it's not funny. Seventh grade, I knew a Tyler. He said similar things to me, did similar things to me, in that lightless little room with the plain gray walls...

Don't like to think about those times.

Do not watch this movie on the bus. Do not watch this movie on TV. Do not see just the beginning, or just the middle, or just the end, or any two out of three. You will miss the whole point of the movie. Rent it, get a can of soda and some popcorn, and watch it yourself. Preferably alone.

Michelle, go watch this movie. You will love the hot sweaty male nakedness at the beginning. And at the end...well, remember how you wrote in my yearbook two years ago that I put a lot of power in my kicks at TKD?

Now you know why.
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From this site:

AOL survived on NWN Player bills in its early years, and Steve Case was often seen playing the lead character "Lord Nasher" to promote the game and what it meant to AOL.

So THAT'S where Lord Nasher comes from! Why they made him such a blockhead in the Interplay version I have no idea.

If you've ever played the new Neverwinter Nights before, go read this site. It's interesting how similar the 1992 and 2002 versions are.

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Found Felicia's house this afternoon. She was out, so I had to find it by calling her number on my cell phone and listening for ringing noises at every house in the neighborhood. Didn't think it would work, but it did. (Felicia, does your family always leave the door wide open when you go out?)