July 13th, 2003


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Orange moon tonight. Big and round and full like a $1NT coin. How rare.

Was bored after dinner tonight so I went to Blockbuster. (Yes, I am aware that Blockbuster is a 45 minute walk from my house.) Never rented anything there before, so I had to convince the clerk in broken Chinese that yes, I really am eighteen, and yes, I really have lived here for five years. Didn't have my passport number on me so she didn't believe me. Bleh.

The number 1 bus that was supposed to take me home took a U-turn and dropped me off in the middle of nowhere. My parents weren't home and didn't have their cellphones on so in the middle of the night I was stranded God knows where for one and a half hours. Double bleh.

These unfortunate circumstances forbid me from writing the next installment in The Story right now. Felicia, if you wish to do your part first, go ahead. (Or you could wait until tomorrow and see if I have the energy to write one then. Up to you.)
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