July 7th, 2003


good morning

5:30 AM is a wonderful, wonderful time when you haven't been forced out of bed to enjoy it.

No one is awake but the birds and the insects screaming at each other in the trees. The streets are all empty, the stores are all closed. Long shadows over everything. Mango-colored butterflies.

Maybe I should reconsider waking up at 2PM every day. There's always this sense of urgency in the afternoons, even when there's nothing important to do. It's the time of the day people do stuff. Every second wasted is a second of stuff not done. Not a good feeling to have the last month before college. Getting up in the late afternoon is even worse. A whole month of nothing but sunsets! That feeling of impending doom gets to a person after a while. Might as well install a heads-up display on my glasses counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until I leave Taiwan.

No, mornings are a wonderful time of day, especially when for some unfathomable reason you are completely awake. There's a smell to the morning air in Taiwan not unlike unsweetened green tea, a smell I'm sure many of us have forgotten since school ended. A morning is a new beginning; it is full of time to waste. Go for a walk, eat breakfast, and check your email and it's still morning. Take a nap. Wake up. Still morning. Fa dai. Daydream. Still morning. Watch TV. Look at watch. Still morning.

After a typical day's worth of activity there's still an entire afternoon.

Early to bed, early to rise indeed.

BTW, for those of you with overly long friends lists: Falling Leaves. Apologies for the clumsy beginning--it starts to get better around the second or third page.
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someday we'll know
if love can move a mountain
someday we'll know
why the sky is blue
someday we'll know
why I wasn't meant for you

someday we'll know
why Samson loved Delilah
one day I'll go
dancing on the moon
someday you'll know that I was the one for you
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