July 6th, 2003


falling leaves (uncensored and uncut)

Falling Leaves (MS Word 7.0 format)

Yup. This is the story I kept mentioning on LJ during the last month or so of school. The one that ate up most of my free time during the weeks before grad trip. Seven A4-sized pages ('twas a little longer, but I cut out a scene or two), polished smooth as shoeshine after countless edits and rewrites. It's not the version that ran in Extas, since Michelle edited it for length, profanity, obscenity, and taste, but, well, it's authentic. Not the most intellectually stimulating story ever written, but it was fun to write and I hope it will be fun to read. Contains a significant amount of mindless, gratuitous violence. Sweet sweet violence...

And oh yes. It's set in NEHS, in case you didn't recognize the description.

Literary merit? We don't need no steenkin' literary merit! GODZILLA FOREVER

More commentary when my brain doesn't feel like moldy potato salad.

[edit] Michelle wants me to point out that the Michelle in the story is not her, in case I didn't make it sufficently obvious.
[edit 2] I don't know Hebrew. There. That proves that I wasn't showing off.

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The Sixth TV, Tailsteak's comic book layman's adaptation of one of Plato's works (I forget which), is getting more and more fcuking brilliant every episode. READ. READ READ READ. It will make you smarter.

Went to the Taipei multimedia expo today. Don't believe the news; there are no porn stars. Lots of cheap computer games though. $100-399NT a pop.

Also went to church this morning. First time in a while.