July 3rd, 2003


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Been reading through some LJs I found through the oberlin community.

Man...after four years I'm gonna be so whitewashed...LOL...*weeps bitterly*

Damn cool people there though. I'm not afraid I'm not going to make friends...there's so many people like me there, and so many people who like anime, roleplaying, philosophy, bad movies, etc. One of them (loquaxcaesar) writes short stories in Latin! LATIN, my friends! To me that is the coolest thing in the world. Just afraid I'll be lonely all the same, as if I were the last Taiwanese person on the planet. (And not exactly a prime specimen either...)

I remember the first day I walked into my classroom at NEHS. Massive culture shock! Everyone was Asian. Everyone. A huge chunk of my identity was forcefully torn from my being. The old stereotypes lost their meaning. Ethnicity suddenly became the stuff of myth. It was the saddest thing I had ever seen.

When I go to Oberlin, I fear the reverse will happen. My ethnicity will once again be branded upon my consciousness. I will be the last of a dying breed...

[edit] I can see what Chiarng means about nobody being on LJ anymore. Where is everybody? I know a lot of us are busy with college stuff and all--I am too (read my previous entry)--but, you know, it's not like there isn't assloads of time left over even if you sleep until 2 PM like I did today.

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"Remember, you will be a member of the only class for many generations that can call itself 007. But no, you do not have a license to kill."
-Nathan Gross

Hehe. Funny man.

my friends list sings sponge -- sorry to all those i omitted

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