June 28th, 2003


play that funkay music

I despise you and your so-called taste

He knows every published band I know. Impressive. ^_^

Also, since I just happen to be talking about music...here's an mp3 of the nice Andy Williams version of Eminem's Cleaning Out My Closet. Amusingly ironic.

In addition: Remember the Pinball Song from Sesame Street? No? Well, this movie is the perfect way to jostle it out of your subconscious. Music remixed by Braces Tower, video remixed by GordyBoy. Very well done and kid-friendly too! Will get stuck in your head forever, though. One two three four five, six seven eight nine ten, eleven twelve!

[edit] HiNet upgraded my ADSL. I am observing a 300% spike in connection speed---just now I broke 100k/s while downloading an mp3. BOO FCUKING YAH.
[second edit] Ching, just in case you're reading this (and you definitely aren't), Megumi has a new album! It's her first in two years.

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I am now the proud owner of an IBM ThinkPad R40. Specs:

  • 1.4ghz Pentium Centrino CPU (okay Giulio, you were right, Centrino is better...beats similar-speed Pentium 4s hands down and uses much less power, but it took a big bite out of my dad's wallet)
  • 256MB DDR RAM
  • 40GB hard drive
  • 14.1" screen (anything smaller and I have to squint)
  • ATI Radeon 9000 3D accelerator card (YEAH BABY)
  • Built-in wireless unit (no, Giulio, it does not come with the CPU!)
  • Built-in 100MB/s ethernet card
  • Built-in 8X DVD-ROM
  • Two USB 2.0 ports
  • Generic USB 2.0 CD burner (bought seperately)

    For those of you who are not technologically inclined: It doesn't look like much (IBM makes the most generic-looking black laptops in the world) but it can kick your computer's ass.

    Which is only reasonable, I suppose...if you're going to use a laptop for four years it'd better be good. No point buying an unupgradable computer that will go obsolete before you can blink..

    The Centrino is rather new, and I'm guessing most people would rather wait for the price to go down before buying a laptop with one, so I had to go all the way to Taipei to find what I was looking for. (You can't get it at NOVA in Hsinchu without placing a special order.) Well worth the trip, though...with some good insider information my dad was able to haggle the price down to $46000NT, which was considerably cheaper than what any place in Hsinchu was willing to offer for this particular model.

    The dealer threw in Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Office, Norton AntiVirus, some DVD player program (all English versions, hehe), a microphone/headset, a cheap optical mouse, and a cool black carrying case at no extra charge. (Yay for counterfeit goods and pirated software! :D) A very good deal, especially considering how we were already paying less than my dad would with a company discount. Learned a lot about haggling, too...it's a fun game to play if you know the rules.

    On the bus back to Hsinchu I saw a really good HK movie with a really awful name. I think it's called Bad Boy Squad. Going to have to rent it someday and watch all the parts I missed.

    Today's drink: Green apple yogurt smoothie (ching ping guo shue pao yo ru). It's one of the specialty drinks of a pearl milk tea stand on Chung Shiao East Road in Taipei. Expensive. Tastes a little like yang luh duo, a little like shue pao, a little like green apple artificial flavoring. Pretty much the sum of its parts. Not bad.