June 25th, 2003


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Yay! My email works again! :D

If you would like to know what the scary thing in yesterday's entry is, I got it from here. Props to foboat for getting it right first, even though he CHEATED. >:b Anti-props to cougarfang for guessing it was a self-portrait. Hmph.

falling leaves: coming to an extas deliveryperson near you

Michelle is a very, very cool editor.

We went over my story pretty much bit by bit today. (Isaac pretended to study for finals over AIM in the same room.) It was kind of flattering, having someone look over my work as if it was a piece with real literary merit and not some mindless drivel written by a teenager with false literary pretentions. She's pretty good at it, too...I never imagined Michelle as the kind of person who'd look at a painting and point out subtle flaws in atmosphere and balance, but she's very good at pointing out similar artistic flaws in a short story. (Without her, that "staring up his nostrils" line would still be in there... o_0)

Michelle, if you're reading this: Thank you, and THERE IS NOTHING EROTIC ABOUT BELLYBUTTONS!!

Also: Isaac returned my Love Hinas! Finally! Sankyuu, Isaaku-chan! :D

XXXtas. Hehehe.
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This is the demo version of the original Tomb Raider.

What's so special about that, you ask?


That's about the size of the Doom shareware demo (if I remember correctly, and I probably don't), even though its graphics are far superior. For those of you who are less gaming-inclined, two megabytes is about half the size of the average mp3.

No kidding. It's fully playable. You can try it yourself. And its high-res 3D graphics (accessible by pressing F4 ingame) are not much more primitive than modern Tomb Raider games.


I have so much more respect for CORE (Tomb Raider's creators) now...they write DAMN efficitent software.